Didn’t Quit

Water(color) Therapy

I did have a hell of a day at work which included judgment and bullying by coworkers. I had planned to edit my short story and post then do some watercolor but I was lucky I just didn’t lay in my bed and cry.

Instead, I came home and started dinner. Chopping the taters was a start to relieving stress then moved to folding laundry and picking up. After dinner, I decided to sit down and really practice some watercolor galaxies. I had watched several tutorials and jumped in. I think I ripped up 4 starts and decided that the 5th one I’m going to just deal with it. The stress of failing at my painting faded rather quickly. I found myself smiling and concentrating on paint placements.

What I learned:

  1. Cheap palettes of paint was actually a great buy. Basically, I suck and need practice.
  2. I need to purchase better quality paints…maybe the tubes so my paintings don’t get muddy due to me trying to get brighter colors.
  3. I LOVE mixed media!
  4. I HATE that my gel pens SUCK and need to invest in a good quality white pen.
  5. Calm down when frustrated
  6. Don’t give up…on me.

So I need to come up with the money to get what I want. Yes, want not need but until then I’ll figure out how to work within the parameters of these cheap pans. I might be able to find some extra cash until then to get a great white gel pen.

6 Word Story Day 12

Wow…super surprised that I’m sticking to this, I still have the blog going AND my story challenge. PLUS a couple of 50 word stories and working on the Hatter longer fictional piece. I know I won’t achieve greatness and join the ranks of Austen and Dickens but this still makes me feel proud. Now to find time for other things including self-care.

Day 12 Prompt: Early Riser

Sunrises bring new beginnings-snoozes alarm.

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