October 6 Word Prompts

1-poisonous 2-tranquil 3-roasted 4-spell 5- chicken 6-drooling 7-exhausted 8-star 9-precious 10 -flowing 11-cruel 12-whale 13-guarded 14-clock 15-weak 16-angular 17-swollen 18-bottle 19-scorched 20-breakable 21-drain 22-expensive 23-muddy 24-chop 25-prickly 26-stretch 27-thunder 28-gift 29-double 30-jolt 31- sliceAs you may know, I have been trying to convince myself that it will be a great opportunity to participate in Inktober. This is where you draw with ink. You can either choose to follow the prompt list or make your own up. I’m doing a little bit of both and will post here in a little bit about it. I thought since that I’m already following one prompt list, why not follow the same for my 6-word stories?


Prompt: Poisonous

Thoughts can be healing or cancerous.

6 Word Stories: 9/8-9/9

Have you ever wished life would give you a break? The kind of break where you can sit and do nothing and not worry about anything? I would kill for the opportunity to go for a hike or even just bask in the sun (now that it’s not storming anymore). My daughter received bad news and isn’t doing too well, emotionally. She had a miscarriage and what’s worse the doctor will not do anything until Monday hoping things will happen naturally. This morning, I learned that my cousin was in a bad wreck last night. Lost control and rolled the vehicle. She and her boyfriend are lucky to be alive. I was going to do nothing today. I wasn’t going to go outside, answer the phone, check social media, or do my stories. It feels like it would open the floodgates but I figured that living in that frame of mind is what will turn into me not leaving my bed for a few days. I talked to my daughter and cousin now I’m trying to write. Here goes nothing.

9/8: Offer

Offer commitment to achieve your goals.

9/9: Pets

Small paws can deliver unconditional love.


6 Word Story Prompts for September

I have decided that I would continue creating my own list of word prompts for my 6-word stories. Everyone is welcome to follow along and use the words. It doesn’t have to be for only 6-word stories, it could be for 50 or more words. Wherever the prompt takes you, follow it.

Unadvised Immense Scant Oven Voice Rebel Plausible Offer Pets Mundane Maddening Animated Bridge Room Introduce Wake Quarrel Remove Concern Incandescent Tangible Youthful Territory Frogs Writer Sand Learn Instrument Flower Grind


6 Word Story: 8/11

Good morning. Trying to be positive since it feels like I have misplaced my motivation. I had good intentions of doodling last night but then remembered a commitment that required some recipe and skills experimenting. This, in turn, prompted a hasty trip the grocery store (pick up an order) and purchasing actual raw milk. Any guesses on what I’m going to attempt? The triumph OR catastrophe will be posted later today. I also need to pick up items to build a loom (for tapestry, blanket, or rug type thing)…anyone knows how to warp a peg loom? That will be posted too but first, let’s try to get through the prompt.

Prompt: Lamp

Strength is your beacon for hope.

6 Word Story: 7/18

I can’t believe we are closing in on the end of July.  I don’t know why I included this word in the prompt list-I’m having THE HARDEST time coming up with something. I had to go towards the horror/mystery genre of things to even come close to something I didn’t delete. Good luck with this prompt everyone.

Prompt Word: Maniacal


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