Fenton’s Fridays

Welcome to Fenton’s corner of the world. This is where writers and artists will help in collaborating on Fenton’s adventure. This project started with an idea after the Daily stopped their daily prompts leaving a void to fill. Here I wanted to take it a little further where we can come together and create an imaginary town and characters and bring them to life.

The Idea

Fenton buys this old desk that was on sale at a shop that is going struggling to stay open. He’s been using the desk for a few months when he discovers a hidden compartment. In the drawer is a document written in an unknown language. He takes it to a professor/friend/ researcher which has only seen a few symbols here and there but can’t confirm origin.  Fenton (and other characters that will be created along the way) form an odd group. While they are all working together they discover that the unknown language holds clues to a local unsolved mystery that hasn’t been touched in decades involving the disappearance of a secret society that founded his small town. To catch up on what has been discussed so far just search for Fenton Fridays in your WordPress Reader’s search bar. 

Every Friday I post for Fenton and what we are needing and asking for writers and artists to contribute for a monthly episode constructed by myself and the brave few that would like to join in the episode’s creation. If you think you would like to help outside of a contributing submission this is what we are needing:

  • Researcher (someone to help me make sure the facts and other things are on point)
  • Copy Editor (yeah I’m not the best as you can tell from my posts)
  • Another Writer – or Two (quick honesty-there will be times that my CPTSD will kick me in the butt! Or even better-getting overwhelmed with all the contributions so help will be needed)

I’m asking for submissions to be kept at 500 words or less. If it’s longer or you have a Fenton life-altering turn please send through the contact form. Speaking of which, if you don’t want to contribute through comments you can do a pingback or use the contact form. There are times that my anxiety doesn’t allow me to comment publicly so I send a message. How you chose to submit is entirely up to you. I only encourage contributions, creativity, and fun. I have HUGE plans if this collaborative project is successful and I know with all the awesome creative minds out there this could be something new and inspiring.

If your contribution is used in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM you will get full credit and acknowledgment. So let’s get Fenton’s adventure going and start the creative process.