A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 30

Super proud of myself this morning (so far) woke up in a decent mood with a brief moment of irritation courtesy of my husband, made my lunch, curled my hair, and even invited an old friend to meet for coffee this afternoon. I even have time to read my stanza for this morning. Reading it yesterday was a huge mood booster and I’m going for day two.

Pocket Version:
For a gazing-stock no man shall have
another, although he come a stranger to his
house. Many a one thinks himself wise, if
he is not questioned, and can sit in a dry

Do not ridicule another man,
though he is kin. He oft seems wise
who is not questioned,
and leaves dry skinned.

So my pocket version (translated by Thorpe) seems a night and day difference from Chisholm’s translation but there are a few different translations and I would contribute that to individuals trying to translate Old Norse. I think the advice here is unless you want to cause awkwardness among friends and family do not question their intent or reason for visiting. I have family that seeks out a way to ridicule me for the visit or reason. It’s embarrassing when this happens for all involved and doesn’t end well. If the situation doesn’t happen then more time getting together would happen. So I take the last two lines seem to explain that better than I just did.

OK, first, who can teach me Old Norse? Or lead me in the direction that won’t cost me an arm and a leg? Second, if I have coffee this afternoon with my friend then my 365-day project will be a little late and/or it’s going to be a picture of coffee or coffee related.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

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