A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 24

Looking at my Asatru calendar of important dates, February 2nd or the 14th is Disting but also on the 14th is the feast of Vali who avenged Baldr. How fitting is it that Vali is so close to Valentine. A celebration of returning light, of romance, and marriage. Even if you don’t have a loved one to have dinner with do have dinner for yourself to celebrate the returning of light to the land (especially with the polar vortex that we just experienced). I have my job interview after work and I’m not getting my hopes up. I have landed interviews and even though I’m more comfortable interview since the first one I completely BOMBED, I’m not getting hired or called back. I’ll take it in stride and continue to apply to other jobs. I don’t know how much longer I can sit where I’m at. Here we are at stanza 24

Pocket Translation:

A Foolish man thinks all who on him
smile to be his friends; he feels it not,
although they speak ill of him, when he sits
among the clever.


The foolish man thinks everyone his friend
who laughs when he does;
if wise men mock him behind his back,
he’ll never know.

This is one for the kiddies. This is a stanza that speaks of two-faced and fairweather friends. The ones that have told you that they, ‘got you’ when in actuality they do not and even make it worse. I have experienced this many times because I found out either by accident or deliberate. I know what some people (even most recent) think of me. I know the ones that are fake to my face and truly honest behind my back. Here’s the deal though. I act the way I do for a reason. If I was a certain way it was with good reason. Some were deserving of my attitude and actions and others weren’t. I’m working on that but what’s done is done. Another fault I need to work on.

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