Bummer…Spamming Hopes SUCK!

I allowed myself to get excited for a second when I received an email to be a guest blog author for a certain blog. I should have known that it wasn’t legit! First, I didn’t follow the blog nor did it follow mine. As you, my readers, know that I post photos, some artwork, my Havamal study, short stories,  and journal stuff (like weight loss and this post just to example a bit) and nothing really to do with the subject matter of this blog. I have been wanting to guest post on other blogs, submit short stories, you know to gain some confidence and exposure. This wasn’t it. This was a big ol’ slab of SPAM!

I checked out the blog when I noticed that it doesn’t have any of my interests posted or even in the same genre of things I like. When asked what would be given for my time the reply was, gratitude and free hosting.’ WTF! I already pay for mine and I have tons of posts and readers that follow me and I follow them some of which I feel are great blogging friends. Why would I write for a no-name blog that barely has 5 posts?

My excitement went to feeling like guest writing/blogging will never be a goal that I’ll meet to screw it…moving on. Has anyone else experienced this type of spam?

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    1. I hope that someone else doesn’t fall for the spam. Although it was exciting to initially see that someone asking me to guest post I’m glad I didn’t waste energy and time into building up someone else’s content. Karma would just be a bonus.

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  1. That sounds frustrating; however I am not very surprised. It is annoying when others try to get you to write something purely because they don’t have content of their own. I got invited myself a couple of times and it didn’t work out.

    On the other hand, I find interaction with other writers and artists the most fascinating element of blogging. I very recently started hosting articles by other bloggers on my blog, so if you really want to write something related to art I would be more than happy to discuss a potential topic.

    Kind regards,

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    1. You are correct. I love the interaction between other artists, writers, and bloggers. More often than not they inspire and push me to continue a project and do better.

      Yes, please. I would like to discuss further about writing an article about my art and potential topics.

      Thank you,

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      1. Hi Jo, this is great news. I will send you an email later today to discuss further about topics. If you have time, have a think about potential subjects you would be interested in writing about. Have a flick through my blog to see topics I have written about myself. It might give you some inspiration. I will read through your articles too so we find something that suits your style.

        Kind regards,


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