A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 22

Normally I don’t have time to do a quick study on Fridays because I’m trying to figure out what to write for my short story PLUS get ready for work. Well, yesterday was such a bad day that I no longer care to put in extra effort in showing up early, being prepared, or going the extra mile. Nope. I’m going to go and do my job which is now doesn’t HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY JOB DESCRIPTION! You guessed it. The company allowed a CSR to create graphics for a newsletter and it is something even I WOULDN’T have done in my first year of college! I’m now just an illustrator operator. So, I’m making me a fancy lunch (that’ll take an hour or so) and I’m going to go through stanza 22.

Pocket Translation:

A miserable man, and ill-conditioned,
sneers at everything: one thing he knows
not, which he ought to know, that he is not
free from faults.


An evil-tempered, small-minded man
is scornful of what he sees;
he alone is unaware
that he’s not free from faults.

Well, shit. This stanza almost seems fitting for my situation but not entirely. I’m miserable because of the position that I have been placed in. True, I could’ve spoken up about the newsletter but was opted out. There wasn’t a team effort or any collaboration. I know my own faults and work on them daily. However, this stanza, I believe is referring to people who mock others who have issues of their own they need to work on. I didn’t sneer the entire day nor did I bad mouth what has happened to me. I wasn’t mean just quiet. Instead, I did my job and went home. That is exactly what will happen today.

Happy Friday guys!

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