A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 19

It’s ass o’clock early as I’m contemplating on whether or not to call into work due to winter storm Beth blowing in. I made my lunch and snack in preparation of being a ‘loyal’ employee to a job I’m planning to quit. I’m still applying to other jobs and have even landed a couple of interviews for next week. The hiring employers are graciously waiting until snow and temps are safer before scheduling the in-person interviews. How AWESOME is that! Whereas, the company I work for now expects me to show up because I’m in walking distance…in subzero temps…during a blizzard. UGH! OK, RANT OVER here I am at stanza 19.

Pocket Translation:

Let a man hold the cup, yet of the
mead drink moderately, speak sensibly or
be silent. As of a fault no man will admon-
ish thee, if thou goest to bed early.


A man should not refrain from the cup
though he drink mead in the hof let him say
what is needful or be silent. No man
shall call you ignorant if you go to bed early.

Here is another lesson for the kiddies about drinking in moderation and not being a fool. OTOOHG stated about their kindred gatherings:
‘Our gatherings are family-oriented, so public drunkenness and absolutely foolish drunken behavior is not acceptable.  If you are the loud late-night drunk, you can be sure that people will be talking about you the next day.  And it won’t be polite talk.  Your reputation will suffer, and people will use you as the example of “what not to be.”  And that’s never a good place to be.’

To add to this, I will drink socially to help with my nerves to even speak to other HOWEVER I’m not sure if it’s the protective instinct in me but I want to be aware of my surroundings. If someone gets hurt or someone is walking up, I want to be prepared. Maybe it’s my paranoia or maybe it’s the time my husband was in the club or time spent on military bases whatever it is there is something in me that wants to be able to protect the ones I care about without being incapacitated by alcohol.

Now the question is…am I going to work today or not? UGH.

Happy Monday guys!


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