A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 16

A lot has happened this weekend but more emotional than anything else. That’s for a different post. I’m going to jump right in with stanza 16.

Pocket Translation:

A cowardly man thinks he will ever
live, if warfare he avoids; but old age
will give him no peace, though spears
may spare him.


The unwise man thinks he will live forever
by avoiding battle
But old age will give him no rest
though he be spared from spears.

This is almost the same as stanza 15 but I feel that it’s a bit more blatant about the message. The stanza before talked of peaceful days and spoke of living an example of optional behavior, living good. This one is something that even my father taught me from a young age. Don’t be a coward or run away from your fears. Don’t back down because you’re afraid to get hurt. Those are regrets that you can never right. This stanza tells me the same.

This stanza can also relate to modern life and not just a battlefield. Stand up for yourself, other’s, and what’s right. I have many regrets already and working hard to right what I can but I am more vigilant about speaking up for myself and others. This is something that is very difficult when I have a hard time speaking out loud and in groups. Yes, it’s easier to keep your head down but that’s not how we are intended to live life.

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