A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 9

The book club went awesome last night and we had a great discussion. It was like a renewable force for the path I’ve chosen. It seems like with the schedule I have that Monday-Wednesdays are great days for me to go through my Havamal. Here we are at Stanza 9 still in theGestaþáttr, the “guest’s section”.

Happy is he who hath won him
both winning ways and wisdom;
for ill it is oft who asketh help
from the wit and words of another.

Pocket Translation:
He is happy, who in himself possesses
fame and wit while living; for bad
counsels have oft been received
from another’s heart.

Oh, this is a good one. It’s much like stanza 8 but it I think it’s also warning about being cautious from advice (warranted or not) from other people.

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