Becoming Small

Today is the first step towards writing more and keeping it within a reasonable word limit. I have lost my interest in writing with everything that has been going on in life so once a week I get to sit down and go outside my comfort zone, find new characters, explore new worlds, or find some poetic justice for any insecurities I may have. I left my comfort zone for the first story. Maybe I could branch into a type of romantic erotic writing or maybe I’m setting myself up to fail at another goal. For now, I’m happy with this.

It happened gradually over time. Not overnight, not even over a month. I never noticed laying next to him at night wide awake wondering if we are still in love. Am I still in love? It seemed like decades since he has touched me in the loving way a man touches a woman. Lack of human intimate touch can make one feel small. How small one feels when looking at love from a distance.

Through snowy days, we talked like a couple rather than siblings. The feeling of smallness began to wane until one night we broke from our mundane routine. At first feelings of butterflies nervously fluttering around gave way to a passion that neither of us had felt in a long time. Still, underneath a loving embrace, I became small. It didn’t happen overnight, not even over a month. It happened that night. Feeling loved, alive, feminine, desired, and beautiful. How wonderful it is to be small under the emotions of love.

Word Count: 164 Word Count Goal: 50
Story: Jo ©
Picture Credit: Burlington Ontario Artist, Sarah Leckie

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