A Quick Daily Study: Stanza 3

It was a crazy morning by my own design of course. I past out early last night that left me up and awake until 1 am which surprise surprise, I overslept. I made a half ass attempt at a decent lunch with a resulted wrap that could have used some help. But it was food and I was starving.

Work, on the other hand, was something strange for me. It was exactly what I expected when I was first hired. I actually get to do the job that I was hired to do and not to sit in the art room and collect dust. Who would have thought that the person that hired me was the reason why I was negative or the reason why I wasn’t allowed to do ANY marketing? Long story short (I’m going to give a try for being a southern girl), we had our first marketing meeting without my hiring manager there (the one that dipped on doing any marketing) and my ideas were well received! Not only that, when I started speaking about stats and campaigns and how it would cost them little to nothing it was like a light bulb went on for them. They just learned of the gem that they’ve had sitting being useless. Great meeting and I was in a great mood for the rest of the day.

I’m tired but really want to understand the Hávamál (words to live by and advice) and I’m not going to do that by just sitting here. I’m currently eating a Weight Watcher’s approved TV dinner and doing some research.

Stanza 3 (Hollander Translation):

The warmth seeketh who hath wandered long
and is numb about the knees;
meat and dry clothes the man needeth
over the fells who hath fared.

Pocker Version:

Fire is needful to him who is come in,
and whose knees are frozen; food and raiment
a man requires, wheo’er the fell has travelled.

First off my grammar program is having a fit over this and it’s kind of funny. Second…huh? But after breaking it down…hun this is what I was raised on. Southern Hospitality. But for this, it’s hospitality at its best. I was always taught to make enough food for an extra person in case one should just show up out of the blue. It’s a habit that has stuck with me. This is saying a guest shows up and needs shelter, food, warmth and comfortable clothing. Unfortunately, I think this has fallen to the wayside quite a bit this day and age but I noticed small things that my kids do that is leading them down the right path.

So from this stanza, I take away being a great hospitable host to guests that may stop by.



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