Coming back from what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend to work was a shift in mood. I get back to my computer, ready to work, and my computer is covered differently. Jon, the IT guy was on it over the holiday. Much rather like a mother disguising ‘cleaning’ her child’s room only to really be snooping. When I got my machine booted up and running that’s when I noticed that there were icons missing including the one for my resume folder. WTF! I also couldn’t access some basic networking sites such as LinkedIn. What could I possibly do on that site that would be detrimental to the company? Oh, wait. Possibly find another job. Then I try to go to my dashboard for my blogs and it’s now blocked! I’m pretty much or better yet, definitely all caught up on work so I will be using a pen and pad of paper to write and will come home and finish posting. Happy Tuesday everyone! Let’s stay positive and get through the day. The picture just made me smile so I thought I would re-post it.

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