Let’s Worry About Snacks…

I read this article a while back and it resurfaced at just the right time. If you are following the mainstream news you would hear almost every other day about a school shooting, extreme bullying, or a child taking his/her own life. I state that to put this next part in perspective how ASSININE my son’s school is. I pack him individually packed Goldfish, Cheez-its, and Keebler cookies for his mid-morning snack. He came home yesterday with an orange piece of paper, hands it to me and says, ‘You’re not allowed to pack me my snacks anymore.’ Pardon my language here but WHAT THE FUCK!

My son worries about ‘code reds’ which is the procedure they teach our children if there is an active shooter. He worries about his bully and how this kid bullies his friends. He worries about the little girl that was kidnapped in a small sleepy town in our state. He worries getting hit while walking to school. Is he a worry wart? No, but society has given him more to worry about than just his snacks. But now, he was singled out, handed a list of ‘approved’ snacks, and told to tell his mom that I can’t pack him ‘unapproved’ snacks. I didn’t realize it was happening at my son’s school but it is.

SO, the conversation I had with the principal about the bullying went nowhere last week. Nothing was changed not even the seating. The other kids’ parents weren’t involved? Metal detectors and better locking doors weren’t installed for intruders and prohibiting of guns on premises. The crossing guard didn’t get the bigger sign and the cop liaison doesn’t sit to watch for speeders. But what did happen is a list of approved snacks was printed to shame kids and parents alike for snack choice? If it brings my son a moment of joy during a worrisome or bad day to have the snack I pack, then so be it.

Dear School,
I nor my son elect to participate in the ‘approved’ snack group. He will be enjoying the Keebler Cookies I packed for him. 
This mom that has to teach him more about safety, how to handle a bully, and everything else he worries about at the age of 9.

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  1. I agree! That’s far too invasive and I’d pack him stuff not on the list on purpose. The state is taking over too many parental rights as it is. I can accept a peanut ban IF there is a kid in his class with an allergy but ONLY if it’s specific and not a blanket ban

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