Inspiring and Intimidating Inktober

I first heard about Inktober a couple of months ago at a get-together. I thought that would be interesting as I participated in World Watercolor Month (July). I needed a few things and even though money is SUPER tight at the moment I was able to get a few items that were a must. I looked at any groups of Facebook, checked my Instagram (since I haven’t for a while), and did more research. I already saw MANY snide and rude comments that almost sealed the deal for me to back out. My friend that I helped that one morning wanted to do a separate prompt list and asked if I would participate with her. I like the idea of having an accountability buddy and knew that I would definitely need one since ink is NOT my medium of choice. And as my usual ‘bite off more than I can chew’ true self, I decided to do two projects. Confusing? Here it goes:

Inktober’s Offical prompt list is in black and the one that my friend wants to do is in orange. Please be patient…WP doesn’t want me to create any galleries (as usual grr).

Inktober Prompt List
Halloween Prompts

So far my sketchbook for Inktober’s official prompt list looks like this:

My Intro Page
I learned in my study of Asatru that the death of Baldur was caused by Loki and Mistletoe. So for the first prompt, I chose to draw Mistletoe.

Now for my larger project idea. The second list I am going to try and incorporate each prompt into ONE larger image. I already have most of the prompts mapped out. I just hope I can pull it off.

Day 1 Ghost and I added a 2018 ribbon.

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