What Am I?

I had to take 1/2 day off from work. Some people take off work because it’s warm and sunny but not me. Today is a beautiful fall day with graying skies and leaves starting to turn and some even falling from their branches. I told them, I didn’t ask. I drove around enjoying the crisp air and the complementary color of the land and sky. It’s so beautiful. I came home, cleaned the house, walked, made my coffee and here I sit. I wanted to share what is happening here on a personal level. Nothing is more personal than a person’s faith or beliefs.

I’m exploring my faith with Asatru and decided that something that would help in my decision of beliefs would be a DNA test. Silly? At first, I thought so but realized I didn’t know, or the entire family for that matter didn’t know what my father was. Was he of Native American? Was he Polish? Come to find out he was something that even my mother got upset about.

regional mapBefore I go any further, I grew up being told that I was Irish, Belgium, and Norwegian descent on my mother’s side and that my father was more than likely Native American and Polish (according to family rumors). I ordered tests for both my husband and myself and learned that there was nothing of what the rumors believed to be present in my DNA nor was their as much as my mother would claim of her descent. Come to find out Scottish, Swedish, and Norwegian make up the majority of my DNA. 56% Scottish! Really? Where did this come from? 20% Swedish? Wow, ok. Then there is the Norwegian. I couldn’t be more thrilled to learn my DNA ancestry. I only wish it would solve the puzzle of who my grandfather was. My dad was adopted and his father’s identity has literally been taken to the grave with everyone in the family.

I will go further with my Asatru educational journey but also want to learn and embrace my new found DNA ancestry. I would give ANYTHING to be able to visit Scotland and Norway but with a young family and all the financial support that is needed for that makes it seem like a possible bucket list item that in reality, I may never get to check off my list. I’ll do my best with what I have and research and maybe, possibly, reach out and find a network of individuals that could share a bit of their heritage with me. Whether it be recipes, pictures, beliefs, legends…whatever it may be I’m open to learning. If you can help out I would greatly appreciate it. There is nothing more valuable than knowing who or what you are.

Off to start some thumbnail sketches for my next 30 day Inktober project. I kind of failed at my last one but I was sidetracked by Asatru, weight loss, and family.

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