Weekend Internet Break

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I didn’t write this weekend but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t productive. We live in the city and there are really STRICT rules about having fires and sitting around them. I have also been missing open pit cooking like we used to do back home if we weren’t smoking meat. I was able to save for a setup that killed two birds with one trip to the local Lowes. I was even able to get everyone in our family camping chairs at a decent price along with lap throws since it was a bit chilly. Saturday we enjoyed ribs, corn, and vegetables cooked over an open fire and later smores over our fire pit. The kids had so much fun and ate so much food. Our neighbors looked at us either envious or as if we were weird. Either way, we welcomed fall with food family and fire.

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We learned real quick that we needed another source for firewood. Yes, we can purchase wood precut at the store but they charge an arm and a leg so we started looking on Facebook. I was able to locate a gentleman 10-minute drive from the house and it was free. On the way there though we saw some really awesome wooden statues things. I don’t know how to describe them. They would make a great plot line for a horror genre type of story. We’re going to go back and talk to the owner this weekend to see if he is selling anything and if so what are the prices.

Sunday are usually the days I try to do maintenance on my blog and attempt something artistic but instead I attempted canning. I purchase a bunch of apples to make homemade apple butter and applesauce. Do you realize what a flipping pain it is to peel apples? I went to Walmart for an apple peeling/corer combo but nope so everything was done by hand. I let the crockpot do all the cooking but then it came time to jar these boogers up. I had to sterilize them in the oven because I don’t have a dishwasher so a lot of hoping and praying that the jars didn’t bust was happening. I had no funnel and made a huge sticky mess all over my pot holders because EVERYTHING is supposed to be hot. 12 hours later I had 3 jars of apple butter. The seals finally popped around 10pm last night.

Inktober will be coming up and I have about a week or rather 6 days to decide if I want to participate. Normally I would but I have a haunted road trip planned and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew which we ALL know that I’m really good at that. I’m going to try and stay positive this week and have fun. I hope ya’ll can too.

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