Stormy 6 Word Story Catch-Up

I had to take a break from the storms and flooding. The past two days, where I live, for two (could count as three) days we have been pelted with high winds, hail, and rain. Rain seems like such a small word but when it pours relentlessly from the sky it’s so much more than 4 letters. The day my son had his part is when we had the first storm but it didn’t last long. Monday and Tuesday proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Our tornado warnings sounded last night. The kids watched me and my reaction. Ever since I was little I knew when the bad was coming. This, this was just high winds and fast clouds. I stepped outside and I could feel in the rain and the wind that it was just that. The temperature dropped and I knew it would be ok. I kept the kids occupied by peeling taters for dinner and watching the weather channel. The basement was flooded and our roof started to leak. I have a few phone calls to make for professional clean up but everyone is ok. I’m catching up on my prompts then I’m going to hop in the canoe and head to work.

This was a tough prompt for me to do. I am always seeking justification for certain things. I learned quickly in doing this is that it’s also a feeling of finalization. I was left feeling empty or not looking forward to anything. Just because I found justification for my feelings about a matter it was final.

8/28 Prompt: Justify

Justify what's necessary; allow the unexplained.

8/29 Prompt: Curve


Living is embracing life's curvy path.

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