Change (advanced)-Section 2: Lecture 13

Trying to get back on track with my writing and need to make up a lot of work both class and personal. The last lecture/writing exercise was about character flaws. This lecture is about changes. How the character overcomes his/her flaws. I went back to refresh my memory and my character was a pirate that hated conflict and now he needs to overcome his issue with conflict. To refresh your memory as well here’s the pirate that couldn’t handle conflict-Oh and I only have 10 minutes.

The pirate captain, Mamoon sat in his room cradling his forehead in his fingertips worrying about the next raid. He could over hear his crew bantering back and forth followed by laughter. He knew deep down they were laughing at him and planning a mutiny. Mamoon decided that his ship and crew will travel the seas tonight in search for a ship to raid. With all the courage he had he busted through his door onto the deck and yelled at his men to prepare the ship and lift anchors. The men scurried about trying to get the ship in order. He could see that he took the men by surprise and was pleased with the hustle around him. The ship sailed into the darkness only the moonlight leading the way. In the distance the captain could see a larger ship; one he knew was too much. He hid his fear well. Deep down he knew this ship had to have twice as many men as he. He looked and he didn’t recognize his crew’s expressions. It was fear! A lack of confidence! He saw that his men didn’t want to battle anyone from this ship. He sneered at how the tables have turned and in that moment he found courage. Mamoon quietly told his men what to do and before he realized it, he was the first on the ship. He stealthily entered the captain’s room to find him passed out belly down obviously due to the empty rum jug on the floor. He carefully roped the captain’s hands behind his back and quickly shoved a gag into his mouth. The wide-eyed captain couldn’t warn his crew. Mamoon rushed onto the deck to find his crew quietly scuffling with the other ships’ crew into submission and binding their hands and feet. As the men sat tied up Mamoon and his men took all the booty they could plunder. As Mamoon boarded his own boat he could feel his crew respect. (I ran out of time.)

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