8/1 Doodle Bug: Bee

Once upon a time, I thought about trying to keep bees but it wasn’t for the honey. It was more to help the species thrive. Then I learned that it’s a big NO NO in our city along with collecting rainwater and having too big of a garden. I’m fascinated by the beauty of these little creatures but mine ended up looking like a menace. I think I’m going to try to incorporate some ‘cute’ bugs. Is there such a thing?

7 thoughts on “8/1 Doodle Bug: Bee

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  1. OMGosh, not allowed bees or a big garden? Sounds like a death sentence right there! I couldn’t live there. Makes me feel blessed to be where I am, with no neighbours, surrounded by lush green rolling hills (because it never seems to stop raining….so no need for collecting rainwater in tanks). While we have a relatively small plot, we get to enjoy the benefits of the country. I love that we have lots of bees still, including the big ol’ bumble bee. I really love those guys.

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