6 Word Story Prompts: August

I wanted to make sure I had these ready before tomorrow. I know that there are some people out there like me that would like to get a head start when they can. I hope I put some tricky ones on there to get the creative muse dancing. Even though I use these for 6-Word Story prompts they can be used for longer stories or even subjects of doodles. The information for the prompts will also be in the Alt-Text so screen readers are able to read the text to even more awesome people. Please feel free to leave your story in the comments section on the day of the prompts or a pingback. Don’t forget to share for other to use along with the Fenton Friday project for collaborative ideas. Happy Prompting everyone!

1. Photgrapgh 2. Passenger 3. Rule 4. Light 5. Voyage 6. Desire 7. Comfort 8. Aftermath 9. Withdraw 10. Misuse 11. Weave 12. Forgive 13. Locket 14. Shoes 15. Temper 16. Boundary 17. Hands 18. Maniacle 19. Soar 20. Dark 21. Distance 22. Lake 23. Crave 24. Aftermath 25. Flame 26. Admirer 27. Filter 28. Hostility 29. Mischievous 30. Thud 31. Ruse

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