Section 3: Lecture 7-Character Goals

This lecture was about characters and goals. The instructor gave great examples from different books and short stories. For the writing prompt, I’m thinking I should have chosen different numbers. We are to pick numbers 1-10 for a character stereotype and then again (1-10) for a goal. I chose 3 and 3 and ended up getting a 99-year-old woman as my character and her goal is to hike the Himalayas (extreme eye roll with an ‘of course’ voice in my head). I get 10 minutes and this is what I came up with:

Thomasine sat on her front porch rocking in the chair her late husband built for her when she was pregnant with their first son. She reminisced about days past and how times have changed. She and Gerald were married for 52 years before he passed soundly in his sleep. Thomasine scoffed at the fact no one is really in love these days and it’s just people bumping around in life. They built their own home and raised 6 kids on the farm. The kids got older and the farmland got smaller. Now it’s just her and her great-granddaughter Lily that lives in the house. Lily didn’t want Thomasine to live alone she refused to go to the assisted living facility.

One night after super Thomasine pulled out a photo album and asked Lily if she would like to look at pictures. Thomasine was getting tired of Lily always having her nose in her phone looking at Instabook or Facegram, whatever the kids do and wanted to connect with her more. Tell her stories of the family before there wasn’t anyone left to pass on the history behind how she came to be. Lily gladly obliged her and they sat looking at all the wonders of Thomasine’s time. Cars, presidents, picnics, everything had a story to go along with the picture. Lily learned a lot about her family and the meaning of love. Thomasine felt better knowing Lily knew a lot about her past and kissed her on the cheek while closing the book. Lily noticed a small yellowed folded piece of paper fell out from the depths of the album. Thomasine looked and giggled while opening the paper. ‘This was a list of goals I wanted to achieve before I died,’ handing Lily the paper. ‘Oh dear, I don’t think I’ll be able to hike the Himalayas this close to my expiration date but I achieved a lot of my list. I need my beauty sleep. Thank you, Lily, for paging through some memories with me.’

Lily found her great-grandmother the following morning. She has died peacefully in her sleep. Lily took it upon herself to set the arrangements and made sure she followed all of Thomasine’s wishes. She was cremated and each great-grandchild received a piece of cremation jewelry but Lily got the house. A year later, with her inheritance, she decided that she was going to finish her grandmother’s list with her. She locked the house and left for the airport. Hours later with her very special necklace, she and Thomasine started on their great adventure.

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