Fenton Friday: July Week 3

I had a mini-heart attack when I was listening to a podcast that sounded like the same idea that I’m trying to do for Fenton Friday. I almost scrapped the whole project idea but decided that I really am passionate about Fenton and he has a different adventure. The difference between Fenton and the podcast is that one single author writes the next episode but with Fenton, we use a collaborative approach and use several ideas.

We have this week and next week before I put together another episode. Even though the first falls in the middle of the week I’m aiming for Friday, August 3 as the deadline to get any and all ideas in and the second episode to be posted on August 5th. I’m super excited for this episode as I would like to introduce more of the town and the setting in which Fenton is putting the desk.

My question for this week:

Is there anything specific about the town setting that we should include that is needed for future episodes?

As always you can leave a comment or send a message.

Happy Friday Everyone


4 thoughts on “Fenton Friday: July Week 3

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  1. I was thinking, the houses all have basements and there are tunnels under ground that connect certain houses together.
    Above ground it is all very quaint with white picket fences and painted shop fronts. It’s very Tom Sawyer looking. Almost like a town that permanently stuck in some re-enactment of it’s past.

    Hows that sound?

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