6 Word Story: 7/20

If these people don’t leave soon I will more than likely lose it. I cooked dinner and instead of letting me feed kids first they just dug in. I said something, of course, took their heaping piles of food and put everything back. Fed my children and then put some aside for my husband and told them, ‘Now you can eat.’ Why didn’t I feed my guests first? They put themselves in their situation and I know that they have money but would rather spend it on other things instead of helping out with the meal. It’s raining on top of everything so I couldn’t walk and feel just blah.

I thought today’s prompt was a great word. It can be used in so many instances and a lot of people have their own personal experience with it.

Prompt Word: Dark



12 thoughts on “6 Word Story: 7/20

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    1. I know what you mean. It’s a nice stormy/rainy day here and it was so calming to sit and do things I love to do (after evicting some unwanted guests). The place I work just installed LED light and it hurts to my eyes.


    1. I am too…well, it depends on the situation. This is weird but I prefer to walk at 4am when it’s dark but not around say 8 or 9 at night. Still dark both times but there is more active people at night instead of early morning. I’m weird.

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