Weighing In on Weighing In: Wk 8

Last night began a frustrating time that encroached on my ‘me time’ and has extended itself until tomorrow. Some ‘once upon a time’ friends stopped by the house needing a place to crash. Normally, a good 7-day notice is required so I can work around the issue but last minute appearances are not appreciated. I now know my time is precious and want to spend it with the people I love and on things that I like to do. With that being said here is my weigh in experience (I try to keep the anxiety down but this morning frustrations all around).

Last week: 188lbs, This week: 188 lbs. I am trying the ssprengel plan (yes I’m a bit bloated right now for other reasons and I’m HOPING that’s the issue) and I felt SO guilty. So much so, I didn’t even eat all my weekly points for fear that I was going to go over somehow. I LOVED doing this. I got a ‘cheat’ day if you will but with discipline and moderation. The Whopper Jr I had was AMAZINGLY good. I enjoyed my usual foods but all in moderation. I also have to remind myself that the plan could take 6-8 days to show any loss and I’m praying to be a late bloomer. I will continue this for a month (3 more weigh-ins) to see if there is any more weight loss.

Great finds: Outshine bars (watermelon) are only 3 points and the Fudgsicles (no sugar added fudge pops) 2 for 3 points.

I will weigh myself tomorrow as it will be day 8 so this might be a part 1 and part 2.


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  1. if you do it the right way like anything it takes time. It’s a lifestyle and I didn’t lose weight until 2 months after hardcore running and simple eating. I eat what I want on certain days but I mainly eat healthy all the time like no soda.


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