Weighing In on Weighing In: WK 7

Yup, it’s Thursday meaning it’s that time of the week to weigh in. I’m super behind on EVERYTHING this morning including getting ready for work. The mushroom cheddar omelet was SO worth it! Before I go any further I would like to bring to light the subject of diet shaming. Diet shaming also goes hand in hand with fat shaming (this includes skinny individuals as well). Trust me, I already feel guilt and shame from gaining weight. I don’t need someone else to make me feel just as bad for the method of dieting I’m choosing. I know a lot of other people feel the same. Examples of diet shaming can be:

  • Should you be eating that?
  • Why don’t you eat something?
  • That diet doesn’t work…try blah blah blah diet
  • I thought you were on a diet?

The list goes on and it’s just as cruel as fat shaming. Believe me, I almost gave up on myself last week until I made a post on my personal FB page and found that there were a lot of ‘friends’ that welcomed the lengthy rant.

Instead of, ‘That diet doesn’t work, try this one,’ how about saying, ‘Keep up the great work,’ and offer support. Instead of belittling the dieter of their choice of weight loss, encourage them. My choice in the diet comes from a gastric bypass over a decade ago, medications that have a side effect of weight gain that is prescribed for my C-PTSD and attempted suicide, and my bad eating habits. I wasn’t active as I have a sit-down job and with growing kids in the house and homecooked southern meals, I needed a diet that works with me. Please be kind and supportive to individuals on their weight loss journey. Their choice of diet is personal to them just as the reason they gained weight. It’s personal.

Now with that being said and off my chest. Drum roll, please…….

For those that are just now tuning in, I’m down 2lbs! SUPER excited. It took 3 damn weeks but I lost some weight. What did I do differently? I introduced some more healthy fat into my diet. HELLO, yumminess! I maintained for 3 weeks but after some crying, feeling ashamed, questioning my diet choice (only encourage by diet shaming), almost coming to terms with accepting my weight, I stuck to my guns. I ate a little more of my weekly points, stopped (ok not completely but close) eating after 7pm and even allowed myself to enjoy a skinny margarita. Focused more on quality, not quantity allowing my meals to be a little higher in points. I earned all my fitness points and my body was allowed a day’s worth of rest.

What I’m going to do differently or not:

  • Try the ssprengel23plan or the Wendie plan
  • Have a Whopper Jr with cheese

Today, Thursday is/was my weigh in day, so it’s day 1 blue dot. Friday, day 2 blue dot. Saturday, day 3 red dot (Date night, comedy club and a burger that I haven’t had in a month!). Sunday and Monday, days 4 & 5 red dots. Tuesday and Wednesday, days 6 &7 blue dots.

I talked to a coach and some other people and said to try this because my body is used to the food and is bored. So, we’ll see. I’m also going to experiment with a margarita recipe that I know will make some people happy. Here’s to another week of trial and error. BUT, I’m more than the number that’s on the scale and I didn’t gain weight overnight so I’m not going to lose it overnight. Happy Thursday loveys…keep doing what you’re doing.

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  1. My best revenge for diet shamers was the end result of weight loss and the sheer willpower I demonstrated. It took that doubtful look right off their faces. Keep it up Jo … you got this! You’ll be shaming them too.

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  2. Great post! Everyone has an opinion on what someone else should do….they think they have all the answers….when in reality all that matters is that we each find what works for us. We all have different factors contributing… physically, emotionally, or circumstantially. Something might work for us for a while then stop working. You’re doing great and I love how you are taking the time to figure out what’s working and what’s not and adjusting based on that. It’s not easy to ignore the chatter from all the self proclaimed “experts”…but just keep doing what you’re doing! I love this line…”I’m more than the number that’s on the scale”….you definitely are! 😊

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    1. I hate it every time I wake up in the morning. I have to keep reminding myself that I didn’t gain the weight overnight so I’m not going to lose it overnight. I just wish it would go away faster 😀 It’s the small things each day that I do differently that make me realize-it’ll add up in the end. It’s not easy and it’s personal and completely understand the hatred. You’re more than the number on the scale. 🙂

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