Section 2: Lecture 5 – Writing Class Exercise

Someone just tap danced on my last nerve and instead of losing my temper (or rage eating) I thought I would catch up on one of my lectures. For this exercise I was supposed to pick a character in a situation and write about what they could be thinking for 10 minutes:

I think my companion forgot about me. I can’t get through the front door no matter how much I try to grasp the handle.  I’ll check the windows. Damn, can’t even see in them I’m so short. I’ll run around to the front door. Still can’t get in. The sky is really dark and the rain is starting to pelt me on my back. I think the neighbors are home, I can smell home cooked food and can hear them talking. I hope they don’t mind if I come in from the rain. I’m starting to get soaked to the bone and would like to find my companion. I’m starting to get worried that they might be in stuck in the same storm or worse.  Oh, hey, I’m glad you opened the door. Can I get some help and shelter from the storm? This is great! It’s warm in your house and thanks for letting me use this towel to dry off. I forgot! My companion’s name is on my jewelry. Can you call and let him know that I can’t get in the house?

My character was a  dog finds shelter in a rainstorm. I’m going to try this exercise again because I think it will be valuable in the Fenton Friday project.

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    1. Thank you for visiting. I just deleted a whole paragraph of things but to sum it all up, I’m glad you found things inspiring. That’s encouragment enough for me to keep doing what I’m doing. 🙂


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