6 Word Story: 7/8

I know…I’m super late with my 6-words but I went WAY out of my comfort zone and went to a comedy club last night. I haven’t laughed that hard in YEARS. It felt good to smile and laugh then realized it PERFECTLY ok to be happy.

Aftermath could mean more than just after an act of nature or something unpleasant happening. Rarely do we consider a ‘positive’ aftermath. I used to not think about consequences after I did or said something. It’s hard to see how far it goes in the future and it’s actually kind of eerie.

Prompt: Aftermath



2 thoughts on “6 Word Story: 7/8

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  1. So kind of like don’t regret what you can’t change? Or you should think about consequences before you make the choices? Maybe both? I like the thought though, and it’s good to hear the comedy club went so well! It’s definitely not a bad thing to be happy. The art will still be here when you need it 🙂


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