6 Word Story: 7/1 (no prompts posted)

I’m feeling a little lost this morning. Part of my morning routine is posting my 6-word story based on the prompts provided by Page Flutter. Last night no prompts were posted and nothing so far this morning. If I wait any longer I’ll have to sacrifice something later. I already had to skip painting last night due to all the daily errands and a ‘boys are fearless’ episode. I’m catching up (sort of) I still the first Fenton episode to post and work on something I think is exciting for the Friday Fenton Project. But I’m still here without a 6-word story prompt. I guess I’m going to make mine up. If there still isn’t anything posted I will create a list for everyone to try their hand at a daily 6-word story prompt. You can start with this one. Use the tag #jos6words, pingback, or comment below. Here goes nothing.

Prompt: Photograph


4 thoughts on “6 Word Story: 7/1 (no prompts posted)

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  1. That is funny! I guess you came up with your own story!
    I would never be able to follow up on any prompts, I like being a very independent person.
    I intend to some time write a bit about the hell I went through in my thirties. I’m turning 60 this year, well, I’ve managed to stay alive, so to speak.
    I love when people engage in arts, like drawing and painting. July is the World Watercolor month, I will also devote something to this occasion on my art website, you might like it. The lifeschool blog will continue with “Power of you”, and since I have all kinds of disasters, I believe people with health issues will be able to find something there, as well.
    I think you should just go with your own ideas. However, it might be very useful to follow prompts.


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