Weighing In On Weighing In: Week 5

This morning was a struggle from the minute I got up and I think what did it was the scale. The first thing I did when I woke up was to get on the scale. It’s weigh-in day after all. According to the scale, I didn’t gain but I didn’t lose. I realized that my hands were a little puffy and decided to get my blood moving and going for a walk. I didn’t want to. I thought what the hell am I doing maintaining and not losing? The negative thoughts just made my body feel heavier and more sluggish. I pushed through wanting to get home and get ready for the day.

I cracked open a cold one (water that is) and sat at my computer to plan out my meals and snacks for the day and write my 6-Word Story. I thought about maybe lose the low-calorie bread (1 slice for breakfast) and that would get rid of the olive oil butter. But it tastes so good and it’s a healthy fat. Then I got back on the scale and SURPRISE!

I’m down to 186lbs. This is great and makes the little sacrifices and turning down awesome food almost worth it. I said no to BBQ, cookies, peach dump cake, and angrily chewed my rabbit food in silence after ordering cheesy, gooey, oh so delicious pizza yesterday and didn’t take one bite.

The one thing that WW changed about my points is that the program lowered my weekly points from 42 to 35. I’m ok with this since I rarely dipped into them. My daily points are the same but my activity points I agreed to the raise from 64 t0 69 points. I managed to go over my points to 67 so I think if I add an evening walk 2-3 times a week I should be ok.

My favorite foods and finds so far are the premier shakes. I use the caramel shake (2FL ounces) mixed with an iced coffee concentrate and one packet of Stevia totally a 1 point iced coffee. Smart Ones Classic Favorites Ravioli Florentine at only 7 points is actually pretty good.

I consider this week a really good win. I’m going to continue what I’m doing with my foods but I’ll stop weighing myself right out of the bed on weigh-in day. Class lecture and writing on the menu tonight.

15 thoughts on “Weighing In On Weighing In: Week 5

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      1. Exactly. One step at a time, one day at a time….make healthy choices and the weight will take care of itself. (I say this as someone who has lost a total of 50 pounds). It’s not always easy but as you realize how much better you feel that will hopefully become your motivation.

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  1. I’m not sure if you have posted a newer update to this. I just want to give you some encouragement and tell you that you are an amazing person and you have done so well to date. Keep up the good work.

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