Writing Course: Write Badly

I’ve decided to take a fiction writing course to help me along with my skills and to also better equip me to keep Fenton Friday’s alive and growing, hoping to capture more bloggers and artist to help him grow in his adventure. I finally reached my first writing prompt in my lecture and the instructor wants me to write badly. Prompt: Write a terribly long boring description about a character from the prompt list. I’m going to apologize now because I had to do this for ten minutes but it gave me an idea to help bring Fenton to life. You won’t offend me if you skip over to my idea for Fenton.

My Chosen Character: A Drunk (seen quite a few of these characters when tending bar)

I just got done wiping down the bar when a man walked in the back door. It was dark in the corner but when he came into the light I recognized him to be one of the local frequent flyers. He must have just got off work and could tell by his obnoxious body odor surrounding him. His toothless smile requesting a Busch light from was seen through his thick mustached full of mechanical grease. The teeth that he had left were yellow and also smudge with grease. I opened his can for him careful not to touch his hands as the drink and money exchange happened. His greasy mechanic shirt had yellow pit stains the size of his boots underneath each arm and it even wrapped around to his worn out name tag. The red embroidery on the tag was frayed in places, had missing letters, and permanently stained with what looked like ketchup. He sipped his beer dripping some on the bar, ‘grab another Jo’ and he greedily gulped down the first cheap beer handed to him. I obliged and knew it was going to be a long night when he told me to turn the jukebox up then asked if I was so old that the music hurt my ears. With the music blaring ‘Big Green Tractor’, he headed towards the pool table. I knew I was going to have to clean the cues after he was done. His calloused, cracked, blackened hands rubbed up and down the cue getting ready to break leaving little balls of grease all over the shaft but also the felt of the pool table. Third beer, fourth beer, and the fifth beer went down without a problem. He was at beer eight when he started to slur. I cut him off causing him to call me everything under the sun but a child of God. His friend ordered another beer but slid it to the drunk. 2 hours and 15 minutes later he was ready to leave.

Was that badly written? I was asked to write badly and think that I could have added more bad detail. Where I’m getting at is a writing exercise, a prompt if you will.

Prompt: Write a terribly long description of Fenton. Give yourself 10 minutes. What do you see?

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