How to cope with online hate! — Elsie LMC

I came across this and thought I would pass this along. It could help with both online and physical situations. Mainly understanding you are not alone. I miss the days of people having moral couth (please, by all means, look up that word) and respect for one another. I appreciate free speech but some people filled with entitlement will take their unnecessary commentary that ends up leaving a bruise on our psyche. The internet has allowed this to become easier and unfortunately, it is bleeding into the physical world. Think twice before making a comment or even judging someone that you see.

Hi everyone! How is your week going? ❤ Today I thought I would share a post with you about how to cope with online hate (mainly blogwise but it might help anyone really, fingers crossed anyway!). I was motivated by my sister to do this who helped me through the first bit of hate I […]

via How to cope with online hate! — Elsie LMC

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  1. As much as I like to spread good vibes with my comments I don’t allow comments on my blog. It’s none of my business if people are going to say mean things.

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