Fenton Friday: Week 3 Collaboration

Good morning (afternoon?) to my Friday readers and bloggers.  I couldn’t paint last night because I think my diet is trying to kill me or at least slightly maim this poor girl. I was chopping vegetables for my lunch today and kind of sliced through my nail and into the nail bed. No stitches and with an applied band-aid all is well. Except, it hurts to apply pressure to my index finger making it hard to paint and write but It’s FRIDAY!  It’s Fenton Friday week 3 (I’ll try and catch up on my doodles and painting tonight).

Nothing really new has been added but this collaboration project is a work in progress. It gives people the chance to step away from a daily prompt and work together to bring a character, characters, towns, a whole serial fiction story to write. It won’t take much of your time to add a little insight or a little note to the story so feel free to leave something in the comments, pingback, and help out by sharing this adventure with others.

Recap from Week 2

As for Fenton. I see his as a young man in his late teens or very early twenties, 18-21. He is bookish and rather retiring. Shy but he comes out of his shell when people start talking about books or history. He is studying for something, degree or diploma and works part-time for a bit of extra money. He goes to museums a lot. Thank you again, Kristian, for giving Fenton an age and personality. I think it will serve him well and add a great deal to his adventure and to the creation of new characters (psst, welcome aboard). And he is uncovering something of a secret drawer society brilliantly introduced by Stu (glad you’ll be joining us). There is a lot of detail and I could be sensing a little suspense possible murder mystery? Did the secret drawer society be the founding fathers of the town? Let’s see what we can come up with. I think we can also work in the idea that Shrawley Walks (the video clip had me laughing and people were looking as if I gone off my rocker, oh, and thanks for coming along) brought to the discussion of the French manor house flooring being replaced. What if the house he’s staying in is part of the society? Or did he by the desk from the estate sale of the society’s house? And with a nudge from the Dark Netizen all contributions are going to have a word count of 500 or less. If more is needed just let us know. Enough to give us your thoughts and ideas.

Still in need of brave souls to help with putting the collaborations together and if you are interested, let me know. If you are curious about what and who is needed, check out Week 1 and Week 2.

Goals for Week 3:

We need some descriptions of our character Fenton. What does he look like? What does his room look like or the house? Is the story opening with him late for something? Let’s get the creative juices flowing with this. Y’all lead the way with the descriptions. Happy creating.
(I’m going to take a break from typing for a few)

5 thoughts on “Fenton Friday: Week 3 Collaboration

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  1. I see Fenton being quite tall, just under 6 feet tall or 180 cm. He is very slim, even skinny and has brown hair and eyes with a mix of brown and blue, they look brown in low light and more bluer in sunlight or under bright lights. He has nice teeth and a warm smile. He’s quite shy though. His room is cluttered. Lots of books piled everywhere. He has a few photographs of family members and a couple of pictures of previous pet dogs. He is not a tidy person, he holds on to things that maybe he should throw away.

    How’s that 😉

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