6 Word Story: 6/11

There have been countless times that I was referred to as a bitch just because I told someone the truth. I find in this day and time that’s all falling by the wayside because people can’t handle the truth (this is where we will take a moment and relive the scene from ‘A Few Good Men’). Today people are content with voicing opinions about mundane subjects rather than speaking truths and using their given rights. But this isn’t a political post and I need to get to get ready for the 8-hour hostage situation that forces me to be an adult-work.

Prompt Word: Hard Truth

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  1. That is so true.
    The Truth is hard to accept. In my family My mum was always someone who speaks her mind. She often greets me with “You’ve put on weight again” Rather than ‘hello’.

    I always have an opinion, but Unlike my mum I have learned to wait until asked before giving it. Of course just because it’s my opinion doesn’t make it the truth either…

    The truth is so important otherwise we are living a lie. Some people may prefer that, but I appreciate the truth.

    Thank you for being one of those wonderful, underrated people who tell the truth.

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    1. Thank you. People have now learned that if the want the truth about something they ask me, if they want someone to beat around the bush about the situation or need a pacifire to not get their feelings hurt they ask my husband.

      Opinions are awesome because it can lead to a healthy debate or discussion. The problem is certain individuals are easily offended and will turn the conversation into heated argument.

      This is where at times I rise to the occassion and produce proof of what started the hiccup. Finding clarity and truth are sometimes difficult and it doesn’t guarantee a welcomed response.


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  2. I can agree with this. There were a few years that I had an extremely strained relationship with a relative because they didn’t want to hear my version of the truth. But then I had always felt second place in any relationship regarding possible friendship because they had never really confided in me. So when I wanted to tell them the truth, my pained truth they didn’t care. We all tend to be a tad wrapped up in ourselves.

    I try to see both sides of situations. But it is still aggravating to be side-stepped all the time when it comes to family – but perhaps that is the way when we don’t live close?

    Is it really to much to ask for a message when called? Out of the blue yesterday an old neighbor called. I only figured out who it was earlier today by looking up the number. But there was no name in the ID and I generally don’t answer numbers I don’t know. Will I call them back. No. I don’t think so. As it has been years and if it was more than just a charity request (as some neighbors take up the tasks for charities to call ten of their friends to raise funds) – they they should have left a message. Is that being ‘bitchy?’ If it is then I accept the title.

    Sorry about the rant – but judging other people always grates my nerves.


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