Fenton Friday: Week Two Collaboration Project

Yes, Fenton Friday is here. I have been ridiculously busy here at work that I haven’t had much time for breaks to collect thoughts. I would like to thank a few bloggers for great suggestions:
The Ministry of Shrawley Walks
The Dark Netizen

What we started with:

Fenton buys this old desk that was on sale at a shop that is going out of business. He’s been using the desk for a few months when he discovers a hidden compartment. In the drawer is a document written in an unknown language. He takes it to a professor/friend/ researcher which has only seen a few symbols here and there but can’t confirm origin.  Fenton (and other characters that will be created along the way) form an odd group. While they are all working together they discover that the unknown language holds clues to a local unsolved mystery that hasn’t been touched in decades involving the disappearance of a secret society that founded his small town (read more about what we are trying to accomplish with hopefully a bright future for Fenton).

To recap what we have so far:

As for Fenton. I see his as a young man in his late teens or very early twenties, 18-21. He is bookish and rather retiring. Shy but he comes out of his shell when people start talking about books or history. He is studying for something, degree or diploma and works part-time for a bit of extra money. He goes to museums a lot. Thank you again, Kristian, for giving Fenton an age and personality. I think it will serve him well and add a great deal to his adventure and to the creation of new characters (psst, welcome aboard). And he is uncovering something of a secret drawer society brilliantly introduced by Stu (glad you’ll be joining us). There is a lot of detail and I could be sensing a little suspense possible murder mystery? Did the secret drawer society be the founding fathers of the town? Let’s see what we can come up with. I think we can also work in the idea that Shrawley Walks (the video clip had me laughing and people were looking as if I gone off my rocker, oh, and thanks for coming along) brought to the discussion of the French manor house flooring being replaced. What if the house he’s staying in is part of the society? Or did he by the desk from the estate sale of the society’s house? And with a nudge from the Dark Netizen all contributions are going to have a word count of 500 or less. If more is needed just let us know. Enough to give us your thoughts and ideas.

As for the reference to us, I am still in need of some volunteers that can help on a regular basis (just shoot me a message):

    • Researcher (someone to help me make sure the facts and other things are on point)
    • Copy Editor (yeah I’m not the best as you can tell from my posts)
    • Another Writer – or Two (quick honesty-there will be times that my CPTSD will kick me in the butt! Or even better-getting overwhelmed with all the contributions so help will be needed)

First Episode Goals:

  • Introduction of Fenton’s character
  • Place
  • Time (present/past?)
  • A little backstory
  • Publish date: July 1st

And as always you can comment here or send a message. Everyone is invited to help Fenton grow and tell his story. I know we can do this because we have an awesome blogging community. Happy Friday!

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