Weighing In on Weighing In: Week 2

So, it’s week two of my diet. I should be embarrassed but I’m posting anyways. I have not strayed from points, haven’t cheated, and have continued to walk daily. In a previous post, I mentioned that I gained 2 lbs and thought I had been doing everything right. I was concerned with how I was doing the program and was given a little advice to try.

What I’m doing: Eating below my daily points.
Suggestion: Eat ALL the dailies. Your body feels like it’s starving so try fueling it.

What I’m doing: Not dipping into my weekly points. (I’ll hoard them but not use them, I don’t know why)
Suggestion: Eat some weeklies. It’s ok they are there for a reason.

Some other suggestions are that my walks are putting on muscle which weighs more than fat, water bloat from salt intake, and drink water. I’m drinking water but I do love my salt. I’m going to try the eating techniques. If that doesn’t work I’ll keep trying but at least I lost what I gained. So, I’ll try harder and hope that next week’s weigh-in experience is a little better.  It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok. You’re in it for the long haul (just wish the distance wasn’t as long).

As for the recipes I tried, I didn’t get to take pictures but one of my favorites was the Slow Cooker 3 bean chili, blueberry sauce and yogurt, and chicken with veggies on a corn tortilla. The awesome find would have to be the chicken and apple sausage. 2 points for one link and it filled me up with scrambled eggs.

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  1. This is one time when saving is bad! Apart from anything else, you might find you need to cut calories later for a while if you plateau so starting with less cuts your fall back space. Good luck! Use your excess for a treat. My best friend saved calories for a bar of chocolate every day and lost over 100lbs total 😊

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  2. I hear your struggle. I’ve been up and down for 6 months. I’m guessing things like depression, not moving, not staying hydrated enough, and insomnia are my downfalls. My coach says “one day at a time”, but even that is a struggle most days.

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    1. I understand kiddo. One day at a time is easier said than done. As long as we try, I’m happy with that. If it’s something as small as changing my position from one side to another I accomplished something. I try to choose one thing different I can do a day and that helps. If all you can do is nothing, do nothing in a different position. I get it and than you for sharing.

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