Delayed Doodle(s)wash: 6/6-6/7

Truth, I let my head get the better of me and I can’t help it. Last night it took everything I had to cook dinner for my family and I was satisfied with an egg. I sat in the chair without any desire to do what I love. Even with my husband’s encouragement I just couldn’t. Today was also weigh-in day and that was just another blow for a later post. This morning, even though I was running late, I knew I wouldn’t have any work to do I packed my art stuff. My watercolor markers, a new travel sketchbook, water pen, pencils, pens all that and sat here at work and painted.

The thing is, I was so frustrated with the watercolor paintings. I have used my Winsor and Newton watercolor pens and have learned how they handled but on a DIFFERENT sketchbook. The paper kept piling and the paint wouldn’t flow like I could get it too on the other papers. Live and learn. What I am going to do is NOT throw the learning experience away and pretend that it didn’t happen, then just repaint tonight after errands. Nope, I’m going to share them. I won’t let it eat away at me as it was completely out of my control.

Doodle(s)wash Prompts:
6/6- Parks (everyone was painting playgrounds I went a different route and the doodle is still one line.
6/7- Fish (nothing special to report just a fish)

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