Who is Fenton? And Help Wanted?

First, let me say that I am so PROUD of the blogging community and stepping up now that ‘The Daily Post’ will no longer be doing their prompt word. Those words help helped bloggers connect in one place and read/view each other’s work.  With that going to the wayside, individuals are taking the task on themselves to keep the community of daily posts going. I will try and compile a list of sites and tags that people can use and follow. 

Who is Fenton and why does he have Fridays?

On my walks, I enjoy podcasts (a lot of podcasts) and they do episodes either weekly, twice a month, or monthly. The podcasts that I enjoy the most are the drama and story-telling pods and let me tell you I cry, laugh, and sympathize with the characters. What if I could put together an ‘episode or chapter’ a month around a character with the blogging communities help?!

My Idea

Fenton buys this old desk that was on sale at a shop that is going out of business. He’s been using the desk for a few months when he discovers a hidden compartment. In the drawer is a document written in an unknown language. He takes it to a professor/friend/ researcher which has only seen a few symbols here and there but can’t confirm origin.  Fenton (and other characters that will be created along the way) form an odd group. While they are all working together they discover that the unknown language holds clues to a local unsolved mystery that hasn’t been touched in decades involving the disappearance of a secret society that founded his small town.

Fenton Fridays

I am inviting EVERYONE in the blogging community to weigh in! Who IS Fenton? Is he a teen? Is he single? Is he employed? In Love? Broken hearted? You get the gist. Then what about the town and the group of friends? The founding secret society? Was there a crime that was trying to be covered up? Did their town turn on the founders?

Every Friday we will discuss Fenton in the comment section OR pingbacks. If you have a part of a story you want to contribute, great! If you have an idea for a character, awesome! A doodle of symbols, or drawing of the original town, or character illustration, a photo of a town, all are welcome (ok that kind of sounded like a scene from the poltergeist).

We will work on Fenton and the mystery on Fridays and I will put together the first episode or chapter to be posted on the first of each month. This is where I need some volunteers to help:

  • Researcher (someone to help me make sure the facts and other things are on point)
  • Copy Editor (yeah I’m not the best as you can tell from my posts)
  • Another Writer – or Two (quick honesty-there will be times that my CPTSD will kick me in the butt! Or even better-getting overwhelmed with all the contributions so help will be needed)

I hope Fenton really takes off and actually have a bucket list for the idea which I’ll share in time if it does. If it get’s to be too much I’ll ask for more help and will even develop Fenton’s own website and roll administrator rights etc…but first things first-Test the water! Everyone that contributes to an episode or chapter will be given contribution recognition. If Fenton becomes popular…bucket list. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Who’s in? If you would like to help and fill a role that I have listed just send me a message. But let’s start with who is Fenton? Read back through the post and see what we can come up with. This is a huge collaboration project so everyone needs to be respectful and mindful this is a creative discussion. If you have anxiety and can’t seem to comment your awesome idea do worry. I get it! Just email with your idea and with your permission I’ll submit it in the comments but if not I’ll make sure it’s viewed by the main people helping me. Oh, ideas and suggestion about this and the process are welcomed as well. For instance? Should we have a word limit? This is just as new to me as everyone else.


16 thoughts on “Who is Fenton? And Help Wanted?

Add yours

  1. Count me in. I am happy to contribute as a writer. I could try to be a copy editor, but I’m not sure that’s where my strength lies.
    As for Fenton. I see his as a young man in his late teens or very early twenties, 18-21. He is bookish and rather retiring. Shy but he comes out of his shell when people start talking about books or history. He is studying for something, degree or diploma and works part time for a bit of extra money. He goes to museums a lot.
    How’s that for a start?

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    1. OH, I LOVE these ideas. I thought Fenton should be on the younger side of life myself. Oh and in school is where he knows the professor to help? Oh my goodness! Great start! I could use the help with editing (you have caught a lot of my mistakes thank goodness). I’ll email you soon when other’s have jumped on board 🙂

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  2. I’d be happy to help out. Not sure what way, but…

    A SUGGESTION/Thought:
    I really like the note in the secret drawer as the jumping off point. What if: There was a kina/sorta Secret Drawer society, and there are messages, like the one you initially described, waiting to be found? It could be introduced in a number of different ways, but I would see it at the end of one project, as it would open up to the next “chapter” or book or whatever.

    It could also allow one message to be deciphered, leaving people either happy or dead 😉 . The next message could involve a whole new cast of characters as the MC’s.

    Again, this just popped up in my noggin. As I started off, it’s a suggestion, not a “this must happen!” as it’s not mine.

    I kinda am looking at this like a Shared World type of work.

    HOpe I didn’t step on any toes.

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    1. Good Morning! You are completely correct. This is a collaboration project with everyone that wants to participate. Myself and the the volunteers that are willing to help will put one episode/chapter what have you together for everyone to see where Fenton is going. A secret drawer society would be amazing! And Kristian suggested, see his as a young man in his late teens or very early twenties, 18-21. He is bookish and rather retiring. Shy but he comes out of his shell when people start talking about books or history. He is studying for something, degree or diploma and works part time for a bit of extra money. He goes to museums a lot….What do you think?
      Nope, no toes. I mean I have toes but none were stepped on 🙂

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      1. Hi Jo:
        I’d be willing to do something about the SDS (secret drawer society), if you want. Just let me know. I’m almost done with a novelette. One more rewrite, I think.


  3. What a cool idea, I’ll have a think and I’d love to be involved somewhere along the line. I recently heard a story of some old parquet flooring being replaced in a french manor house, the floor was laid in 1880 or there about and on the underside of each wooden block was written a diary entry by the carpenter who made and laid the floor. He well knew no one would find this until the floor was taken up, presumably he thought it would be a long time into the future having done a good job of the floor. My mind loves hidden messages which may never be found and broadcasted music which may never be heard, but definitely happened, similar to a tree falling in a wood and making no sound if no one is there to hear.
    Not sure if this helps.
    The only issue I have with the name Fenton, is the clip attached which makes me piss myself every time, I’m hoping your story can erase this memory!!
    If the link doesn’t work, just google Fenton original.


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