6 Word Story: 6/1

Well, it’s here. June. Where has the time gone? Following Page Flutter’s 6 Word Story prompts, the theme for this month is courage. Every day waking up and doing one thing we don’t want to, that’s courage. Courage is a choice, not something you’re born with. It’s ok to be weak sometimes because that’s what helps us find courage. It’s a beautiful balance that is seen afterward. Here is her prompt list for the month:

Prompt: The Lion

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  1. I’ve seen your 6-word story challenge posts and this prompt and I’m not entirely clear on the concept. Ok: 6 words only. But you don’t need to include the prompt word in the story? Just use it as a springboard but have your story reflect the idea of the challenge? You’re good at explaining this stuff. And I’m sure there’s a blog or web page somewhere; I just figured this is another chance to engage with a fellow blog writer :-).

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    1. The 6-Word stories are something that I fell in love with after reading Ernest Hemingway’s story:
      “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” and in those few words there was a story. It doesn’t have to include the prompt word and there are times that I have to use it because I’m drained creatively or distracted. It’s like the daily’s post but using only 6 words. It’s a great challenge to get you writing every day. Sometimes my 6 words can transform into 50. 🙂

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