Weighing in on Weighing: Week 1

Week 1

Today is weigh in day. It’s been a week and wanted to see the average 2.5lbs drop off. I’ve been working really hard on making sure I walk each day and count my points. This has been difficult since I have to basically cook two different meals. One for my family and one for myself. Mashing taters and adding all the butter and milk last night-I almost drooled right in the pot! I didn’t taste-test, I didn’t steal a bite although I was naughty. My daughter was grabbing a handful of those amazing Classic Lay’s potato chips and I scanned the bag. 5 points for 15 chips! I ate 3 and counted a point. I couldn’t help it. But this morning, weighing myself I learned that I dropped 7lbs.

The Week (from Thursday to Thursday)

The changes I’ve made; I have NOT been happy with! Turkey bacon is a mockery of the real deal http://www.hark.com/clips/tsvyrktkwq-how-do-you-like-your-goannabut I had to do it. The crispy fried pork strips from the heavens had to be omitted from my diet. Sure, I could have had a piece but the point value of one strip could be the value of an entire meal! I also learned that I was drinking a lot of unnecessary points with creamers, sodas, and coffee drinks. No, I haven’t given up coffee (that would be dangerous for all involved). I just made changes to what all I added. I tried a SmartOnes dinner. In the words of Crocodile Dundee, ‘Well, you can live on it, but it tastes like shit.’ I have one more in the freezer for emergency purposes but I’ve been preparing and cooking a lot of my own foods. I have found it easier to prep the night before and sometimes it could take up to an hour trying to figure out measurement and points. When I get really frustrated I’ll just throw a salad together and call it a day.

The Sceptic and Critic

My art room partner said, ‘The first 10lbs drop off really fast but after that it’s hard.’ WTF does she mean ‘it’s hard?’ THE WHOLE THING IS HARD! It’s easy to grab a bag of snacks and go or sit down at a restaurant and eat WHATEVER you like. I have to be conscious of what I eat to how it’s prepared! Add me having to cook dinner for my family on top of that! I want to slap her with my banana peel! Then one innocent bystander stepped in with, ‘Try the grapefruit diet. It worked for me.’ No offense EWW. I have a difficult time even smelling that fruit let alone ingesting it. Plus, I don’t care about what worked for you, this is something I’m doing for me and I’ll choose my type of punishment. Then I hear, ‘Are you sure you can eat that?’ as I dip my pretend chip (cauliflower) in my greek yogurt and ranch seasoning dip. You damn right I can! It’s the first taste of creaminess since I started this diet and I’m pleased to say that it reminds me of sour cream without the points! So, YES I’m going to eat it. Then I discovered food rage! This is where I didn’t prepare ahead of time and needed to marinate mushrooms for an hour, it was late in the evening, and I was HUNGRY. Everyone suffered my starving wrath and damn it I wanted pizza. In the end, it was OK.  For portion sizing just reference the regular handheld pizza cutter next to the pizza. Yeah. NOTE TO SELF: It doesn’t reheat well the next day.

In the end, I just need to believe that I can do it. I’m doing my walks but I realize I will need to add more but that’s when I’m ready. That’s a social anxiety I need to prepare for and is why I walk EARLY in the mornings.  I’ve also decided, my ‘Weighing in On Weighing In’ will be on Thursdays but times will be different from today since I had to take off work to watch my son. Schools out but not for the older ones yet and he’ll be bearhugging by last nerve most of the day. Also, when on a diet, ALL YOU DO IS THINK ABOUT FOOD. Well not all the time for me, I have some doodling, painting, writing, and emails to complete.



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