6 Word Story: 5/27

I have made many goals and fails at almost all of them. I’m proud of my blog and being able to participate in writing and artistic challenges. There are days I slip but I get back on track. There are days that my anxiety fuels stories but then there are days my depression keeps me from putting in my 100% that I always try to apply. I made a goal to write every day and I do, mostly. I made a goal to quit smoking, so far so good. I made a goal to either doodle or paint every day, and I do that mostly too. My new goal is to lose weight. I’m doing ok. I know I will slip but I’ll still try. Do your dreams become goals or just leave them as dreams?

Prompt Word: Goal Maker

9 thoughts on “6 Word Story: 5/27

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  1. Hmmmm I have many dreams. Some days I feel that I could reach them all. Other days I feel like they’re pointless. I have dreams for my blog to help others. My anxiety and emotions sometimes, ok mostly, fuel what I write. But that’s OK because I believe people heal with truth.


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