Entry: The Inn of Eternal Rest

Another great chiller in such few words. The author of this story is Kristian over at Tales From The Mind of Kristian. Please click on over and read more of his work. Oh, I do hope he continues this one into something more. How many were there? Were they like this before they were a couple? The goosebumps!  If you would like to participate in the contest or share, check out May 10th’s post.  Don’t want to keep ya’ll waiting…


The Inn of Eternal Rest


It was a beautiful cottage, all innocent and sweet. Appearances can be deceptive. Its windows were like the eyes of a child with nothing to hide. If the eyes were the windows to your soul then these windows should have been blacker than the pits of hell.

It was an Inn once. Not anymore, no one would step foot over the threshold let alone agree to spend a night there. It had been owned by an evil couple who would put their wealthy yet defenseless guests into its main chamber. The bed was booby trapped and suddenly in the night, the occupants of it would find themselves hurled down through a trapdoor into a bubbling cauldron of boiling water in the kitchen below.

The evil pair were caught and hanged but still, their spirits linger, for to this day no one has ever survived a night within its walls.

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