Entry: The House

I have to tell you, these 150 words gave me chills. The wonderful twist at the end was AWESOME! The author of this story is The Dark Netizen. Please head on over and read more of his work. Psst…his 6-Word stories are better than mine. If you would like to participate in the contest or share check out May 10th’s post.  Without further ADO…

The House

The folks in my town called it ‘The Haunted House’. They forbade anyone from going anywhere near it. They had their reasons.

The elder citizens said that they had met the owner. That the owner had hound-like fangs, a deathly visage, and deep black eyes, eyes that could suck your very soul in. They said that the homeowner was a practitioner of dark arts. He had grotesque servants, the very horrors of hell under his spell. They said that the house lawns were burial grounds for the owner’s victims. The bodies lay underground, in a deathless sleep. They waited, lay in wait for a trespasser. The undying ones would drag the poor soul underground. Some said that the house was the very gateway to hell. The foulest fiend resided inside it, waiting to bring the very apocalypse forth. They called it a lot many things.

I called it home.

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