My Doodle-Doodlewash Challenge Catch-Up

Thank you, everyone, for the well-wishes and the tips of what could help my back. I worked on the floor today and got a huge kick in the gut watching the supervisor talk with other people instead of her job-doing what I was doing. I was not my best and not proud of the tiny tantrum I threw. I felt better and even opted to go back to my desk and post my contest. That helped but I still felt like I was nothing more than a replaceable cog in a machine when I checked the mail and the book Thriving Not Surviving written by Dee, that I had the honor of some of my stories and doodles arrived! I’m almost done and even though some of the writing is personal I gave my husband a page or two to read.


I celebrated with a blue rare burger my husband picked up for me at a local restaurant. If you enjoy rare, do try blue rare. It’s easier for me to digest and my iron is low (proof that I need to take better care of my physical health). I felt so good (mentally not physically) that I caught up on my illomo doodle challenge and my doodlewash challenge. I tried something new with both challenges. The doodles I wanted to be more realistic and the watercolor I wanted to experiment with colors and looseness. Tomorrow the first entry post I received for the contest will be posted. Kind of feeling pretty good. The prompt words and dates are listed below the pictures.

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