A to Z Reflection

The #AtoZChallenge was my first ever writing challenge. Meaning, yes I write every day (as always) but this time to write actual stories in different genres. Most were fiction, some were non-fiction and even a couple of poems and 7-8 word stories.

The Challenge

Well, basically blog every day about something within your chosen theme. I, of course, showed up a day late and dollar short for the theme reveal. I didn’t really know anything about the A to Z challenge, to begin with, or a theme reveal. I was even on the fence about whether or not to do it. That was my fear of failure but soon came to the conclusion that the worst that could happen is that I miss a day. Then that turned into anxiety but I stuck it out and even managed my daily 6-word story prompts and random doodles. The theme I chose was A to Z genres/sub genres of writing for short stories or poems. I even created a blogging calendar so others could follow along and also to keep me on task.

Looking back, I’m glad I did it and even learned a little about myself and my writing capabilities along the way. I am now even working on self-publishing longer versions of some of my stories. I would like you opinions on which one’s you think are worth the effort to elaborate and make longer (even thinking about doing a longer detailed version of Saving River).

Adventure/Apocalyptic: Red Survival
Bildungsroman: Orange Lessons
Clock punk: Mechanical Magic
Dystopia: Darkness
Epic Fantasy: Burning Moons
Fairy Tale/Folklore: Glights
Ghost Story: The Puppets in the Woods
Historical Fiction: Fast Moving Puddle
I Novel: Permanent Mistake
Jiangshi: An American Jiangshi
Kōan: Journey
Lament: Mourning Me
Mystery: Solitary Truth
Narrative-Nonfiction: Healing Plunge
Occult Fiction: Nessie’s Demon
Planetary Romance: Asption
Quantum Fiction: Pirated Photos
Regency Romances: Prudence’s Heart
School Story: Friendship and Football
True Crime: Defiling Innocence
Urban Fantasy: Tabitha’s Wards
Vampire Fiction: Lenore’s Energy
Western Fiction: Permelia’s Plan
Xenophanic: Parked Injustice
Young Adult Fiction (YA): Guarding Blyss
Zeugma: Penning Fate

A possible merit for longer story:  Saving River

Wander through the list if you weren’t able to follow it everyday. And thank you to everyone that took the time to read the stories.  Let me know which stories you think deserve more elaboration. All in all- I survived (along with my family) 2018’s #AtoZChallenge.

8 thoughts on “A to Z Reflection

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  1. The first story really stayed with me, Red Survival and so did Nessie’s Demon. I enjoyed reading all your A to Z posts but I don’t remember them all as well as I do these particular two. That’s more to do with my overloading on reading than your writing though. Anyway, I’ll probably read through them again at some time in the near future. Cheers 🙂


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