Mother’s Dealing Love

I haven’t written a short piece of fiction in a while and was inspired by a movie that I watched this weekend and Discover’s prompt. Can you guess which one (psst…also great mother’s day story)?


My mother never flaunted my true identity. She wanted me to grow up with a normal childhood and be able to experience everything that a child my age would. My father and she came to a mutual understanding and an agreement of sorts. Since he chose her to be my mother that resulted in an upheaval of her life that she should be granted a restitution and a continuing allowance of gratitude. This is how my mother ensured that I would have the ideal childhood, the best of both worlds at my disposal. She loves me fiercely and that is something not even the devil banked on happening.

It was tough in the beginning but I was granted the image of the most beautiful baby and then the most beautiful young boy that made it easier for others to accept me. My mother’s husband mysteriously died after I was born. She demanded it from my biological father and he agreed surprised that she was that vengeful. She explained that she was only used, and bartered with for his gain of fame and fortune. She explained all of that is fine and well but seeing him every day and could hinder her love for me. She expressed her concern that her husband could possibly get jealous of my presence and hurt me. He died and from what the coroner’s report said was an ‘unnatural cause of death’. My mother wasn’t investigated and why should she be? He deserved it and the fact that I never met him, neither of us mourned him.

The coven that set the whole thing up was another circumstance that warranted a deal with my father. They planned everything with my mother’s husband for her to conceive me not for my well-being but for their own greedy and selfish wants. It’s unspeakable how they treated her during her recovery from my birth. As if she was only my wet nurse and not my mother. Not once did anyone tell her the truth about me. She had to find out on her own. The members went missing one by one. The only positive gain from the members being gone is that my father and she get along great and do so well co-parenting.

She is now the sole caretaker and decision maker as any mother should be. I attend a lovely private school and we still live in the same apartment but only we own the entire floor. We have a cook and a maid but my mother refused a nanny. She said that if she was going to be my mother there is no need for one. We both understand my lot in life and in the future but right now I’m enjoying my friends, parties, school and all sorts of activities. Most of all, I’m enjoying my mother’s love, affection, and teaching me right from wrong. My mother, Rosemary, calls me Andy, but my father calls me Adrien.


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      1. In Edinburgh they have a lot of ghost walks you can do, one underneath the Castle and one underneath an old bridge which has had it’s arches bricked in (something about the plague). I did that one and I was so terrified I literally didn’t sleep for 3 days! The worst one apparently is the tour they do in the old graveyard, You would love it!

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