Dark Startling Truth

A place rests that we do not dare speak of. The part of us that we do not wish anyone to know and will go to great lengths to protect our forbidden realm. It’s our secret hiding place, right in the aphotic corner of our minds. You visit in dreams and pondering states to have a taste of the absolute mortifying atrocities and taboos considered by society. The only thing that separates us from our own heinous evil selves; self-control.

Even though you can taste, touch, feel, hear, see and even enjoy your prohibited visions, you become astonished when someone else has. Seen publicly displayed, you are both disgusted and jealous. Dismissing your own vileness. We dare not speak only visit our own personal darkness recognizing only the truly wicked free individuals succumb to their horrific desires. Self-control, practice and guard it for you will need its protection from yourself.

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