Versatile Blogger Award

I am backlogged on my award nominations, challenges, and emails and doing my best today and tomorrow to catch up. I have had an exciting month of writing trying out new genres and techniques of writing which has spawned a giveaway contest to acknowledge and thank readers and blogger. I was also honored to have some of my writing contributed to a book published by another blogger/writer. Go and check out Dee’s dream come true, ‘Thriving not Surviving.’ Then I have some exciting plans that hopefully will fall into place over the next few months.

Another wonderful woman, Kerry over at Mummy Thomas’ Blog. I know she can understand how it is to have both good and bad days.

So here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.  Include a link to their blog.
  2.  Write 7 facts about yourself!
  3.  Nominate 15 more bloggers!

Simple enough. Oh, I would like to stress at this point if you do not wish to participate you are not obliged to. I just appreciate the blogs I read, for their style and content.

Me Facts:

  1. I love Tex-Mex food. If you haven’t had please seek out a recipe and nom nom noms.
  2. I will only own pit bulls. This is a personal preference and advocate for them in my town. Side fact-my family choose a pitty in the local shelters and pay their adoption fee so their potential new parents have more money to spoil them with.
  3. I use to cook southern food for northern bikers.
  4. Everyone knows I love most everything 80’s but every time Gone With the Wind comes on I watch from beginning to end. I’m even guilty of calling into work sick just so I can watch it. I know I could get a DVD but that takes away from the experience.
  5. I learned to cook gumbo from watching an old Cajun woman. It took me five years for her to eat an entire bowl-that was her approval. She never wrote the recipe down for me. I had to watch and through trial and error, it’s one of my most requested dishes outside of my pizza dip.
  6. I can be wishy-washy but my writing is something that I have stuck too.
  7. I was a mother at the age of 16.

And the Nominees Are (remember you are NOT obliged to participate):

The Dark Netizen
Balles World
A Slapdash Talk
I know that I’m supposed to do 15 but I have other awards to write about. Most of the blogs that I follow are either now or were reward-free blogs, so I’m trying.

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