Parked Injustice

Xenophanic: The Greek originating adjective refers to poets who use satire and witticism. Xenophanes (6th c. bc ) was a native of Ionia and an itinerant poet who visited many parts of the Greek world. He was also a sillographer ( q.v. ). Thus ‘Xenophanic’ may be used to describe a wandering poet with a witty and satirical talent. The Goliards were Xenophanic. Oh goodness. I am not funny nor can I be witty on demand. This may prove to be my most difficult yet. Wait, haven’t I been saying this for a month straight?

Oh, my dear woman, you cry about injustice and horror
in the world to whoever would listen.
In this speech, you expressed the fundamental importance of order,
and how the world is changed.
You expressed that people need to change with it,
and the lack of their changing has caused you great despair.
My dear woman, the change you seek isn’t in the community.
The change needs to happen to you.
The kindness you sought after ended when
you lashed out crying of injustice.
There wasn’t a wolf at your door nor a monster under your bed.
It was clear to see,
that the parking spot next to yours was free.

I think I nailed it…because I even laughed. This was based on a Facebook post about a stolen parking spot.


7 thoughts on “Parked Injustice

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  1. That last line made me chuckle.
    I know why you do it (pretty much in the same boat), but try to stop putting yourself down. This was witty with a fun button at the end. You’ve been doing a great job.

    I always tell my students that the only failure is if they don’t try at all. You try, and you’ve succeeded. The other thing I let them know: everyone can sing. everyone can dance. write poetry, paint, make music. If you want it and love doing it, then you ARE singing and dancing and acting and painting. It all stops when you judge & compare your expression to anyone else. Or, worse, if someone else does that fucking comparison.

    Tale Spinning

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    1. I LOVE this advice! Thank you. It’s a bad habit that I picked up many years ago. I’m glad you chuckled at the last line. I thought that brought it all together. 🙂


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