Grandmother’s Gift

I took a mental break from my every day and really fell in love with Carrot Ranch’s prompt forest bathing. I grew up with my grandmother teaching me Earthing or grounding. I learned a lot from her and about spirituality and paganism and still practice some methods today. Writing is a ritual for me and it’s helping me come to terms and get through a lot.


‘I’m going to share something with you, little one. Come,’ my grandmother said reaching for my hand leading me into the woods behind our house.
‘Take your shoes off love,’ that’s when I realized she was already barefoot.
She sat me under an old silver oak and positioned my feet on the earth in front of me. I felt calm and sleepy when she said, ‘Do you feel that? That’s mother Earth replenishing you. If you listen deep enough, she is also taking and healing your heart and soul. Whenever you feel like giving up, come back to her.

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  1. What a great term — earthing! I grew up in the Sierras and learned naturally how rejuvenating it is to sit on a granite boulder with a cedar tree to my back. Your Grandmother was a good teacher. I enjoyed your flash!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 My husband finds it weird but I still go to the woods when I need inner peace. We have granite boulders in my area. I think once the snow and ice melt I’m going to try that. Thanks again Charli 🙂

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